Woodwynn applying to help more people…We Need YOUR Help!

Our latest submission to the BC Agricultural Land Commission to increase the numbers of participants being helped at Woodwynn is available for you to read here

Key Points in the application include:

  • This is NOT a rezoning of any kind
  • Land is NOT being asked to be removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve
  • Woodwynn Farms has operated for over 7 years without any police incidents as relates to any participant activities
  • Our crew has built Vancouver Island’s most beautiful year-round indoor farm market
  • Fields are continually being transformed from hay to food crops and livestock
  • And much more! Please read the application and be informed with accurate information
How can YOU support Woodwynn Farms and this application?

It’s easy!

1) Simply write to the Agricultural Land Commissionl to voice your support.
     Email to ALCBurnaby@Victoria1.gov.bc.ca & reference Application ID#54428
2) Send a brief video clip to Executive Director Richard Leblanc of you expressing your support. We will be preparing a testimonial video to share with mayor and council in early 2017.  Make sure to include:
  1. Your name
  2. Where you live
  3. Why you support this project

3) Pass this information along to your family, friends, co-workers and ask them to make a video.

Read the application here: woodwynn-tup-application-2016

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