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We have had requests for a sample letter to use when contacting representatives. Please see below for an example from one of our supporters. Personalize as needed to fit your own message, and the emails of representatives you can email are at the bottom of this message again. Thank you!

Sample Letter – Please personalize your own message 

To Woodwynn Farms Decision Makers,

I was recently fortunate enough attend a spectacular tour of Woodwynn Farm. I was taken aback by the sheer amount of research, love and care that had gone into creating such a realistic program to help rehabilitate those struggling with homelessness, addiction and mental health. The location itself is beautiful, the animals are obviously well cared for, the crops are rich in variety and quality. The market place is welcoming and accessible to the community. Above all, there is a high sense of dignity and respect for everyone. To date, Woodwynn Farm is the greatest rehabilitation model I have ever seen available to a marginalized population. A part of me is even envious I can’t reside there myself!

I find it incredibly disheartening to hear about some of the challenges Woodwynn Farm has been facing. This program is so important and so worthy of the support of Victoria and it’s greater community. Woodwynn Farm has the potential to save human lives. Not only enabling individuals to live longer, but also to live better. It has already helped many people do this in the past. Woodwynn Farm has an impeccable successful track record.

I recommend you seriously consider supporting this amazing farm through ensuring they are able to be granted the permits they need to house more individuals there. The ways in which Woodwynn Farm has been denied permits, whilst other projects are approved (such as a shopping mall in Sidney) are easy to see straight through. This ‘not in my backyard’ mentality has to end. Woodwynn Farm poses no threat to the surrounding community and I believe the reason they have been denied permits is based solely on fear and stigmatism. 

I can personally guarantee I will never vote for any politician who opposes permits for Woodwynn, and I will be sharing this information with the greater community as well. 

Please, I urge you, do the right thing. Our current norms for rehabilitation are not working. With the fentanyl crisis in full swing, we need to be looking to better alternatives to help those in need. You have the power to help save human lives. I hope you do so.


With sincere regards,



The Agricultural Land Commission Decisions

The ALC recently decided to NOT allow Woodwynn to build temporary housing for 40 additional farm workers on less than 1% of our land (2 acres).  A large reason of why they made this decision was because we aren’t producing enough farming product.  Take a look at the video above to see how this is not true!

Simultaneously, the ALC recently approved a larger parcel of farmland for a shopping mall in Sidney.

This is not right, and we intend to do everything we can to have their recent decision reversed.

All the while, people continue to die in our community unnecessarily.

The demand for our services is stronger than ever, and your
support is more critical than ever.

The time is now for you to make your voice heard by writing to your local and provincial government representatives.
We cannot lose this opportunity to fully realize Woodwynn’s potential.

Please give generously to help us help people now!

Make your voice heard! Please write to:
Premier John Horgan: premier@gov.bc.ca
Lana Popham, Min. of Agriculture: AGR.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Judy Darcy, Min. Mental Health & Addictions: MH.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Selina Robinson, Min. Municipal Affairs & Housing: selina.robinson.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Carole James, Min. Finance: Carole.James.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Andrew Weaver, Leader, BC Green Party: andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca
Rich Coleman, Interim Leader, BC Liberal Party: rich.coleman.mla@leg.bc.ca
Adam Olsen, MLA: adam.olsen.mla@leg.bc.ca
Central Saanich Mayor & Council: municipalhall@csaanich.ca
And copy me at richardl@woodwynnfarms.org

Most Sincerely,
Richard LeBlanc,
Founder and Executive Director,
Woodwynn Farms
“Believe in People…Until they Believe in Themselves”

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