Rob Mason

“I am writing in support of the Creating Homefulness Society’s proposal to utilize the Woodwynn Farm as a therapeutic community. As someone who experienced active addiction in my own life, which I am happy, to say has not been the case for nearly 22 years I can say I am familiar with at least one element of what many of those that are homeless are dealing with. Though my recovery did not come by way of this proposed community I can assure you that the elements outlined in the value and imperatives statement represent key components in my success.

Such things as love, compassion, acceptance, dignity & honour are all sadly lacking or absent altogether – often before the life of the addict spirals out of control. To have an opportunity to be immersed in a program that includes these and so much more while allowing one to gain self-respect through newly learned skills and an chance to be of service and of value to the community once again would be a gift that many would dare not allow themselves to dream, for fear of raising false hope.

I believe whole-heartedly in human potential and what is possible when one is given the support necessary to bring about a change in their life. Even the most successful in our society at one time or another had someone in their corner that believed in them and gave them a break that became pivotal in their lives. Nothing more or less is being suggested here. The fact that some have had to deal with addiction makes them no less deserving of another chance and does not diminish their potential. I say this offering myself as a living testimonial to what is possible – I could have just as easily succumbed and met my demise through addiction in which case I would not now be present to make a stand for this inspired proposal.”


~Rob Mason