Richard Leblanc

Resized_RichardLeblancFounder and Executive Director

Richard sold his business in the 1990’s and began to look for a new challenge. He soon found that challenge on the streets of Victoria where he saw hundreds of people who, for various reasons, appeared to have lost their way in life. Richard launched the Youth Employment Project (YEP) in 1998. YEP boasted a 76 per cent success rate, meaning that of the nearly 500 homeless clients enrolled in the program, more than three quarters are still gainfully employed and are maintaining economic self-sufficiency. Leblanc then discovered the concept of a Therapeutic Farm Community (TWC). Under the TWC model, each individual is supported as a “whole person” and develops confidence, a positive value system and a career plan to help ensure personal and employment stability throughout their life. Leblanc’s dream is to apply the TWC model to help the hundreds of people who now call the streets of Victoria “home”.

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