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Woodwynn Farms operates a year-round indoor farm market as of Fall 2016. Situated in the farm’s original 1940’s dairy barn, the barn’s interior has been beautifully restored while maintaining much of its original character and features. The majority of the interior work has been meticulously completed by Woodwynn Homefulness Program participants. It’s truly worth the drive to Woodwynn Farms to come take a look at this wonderfully restored piece of Saanich Peninsula’s farming history.

All produce sold in the farm market is grown on Woodwynn Farms, is organic and are heirloom varieties. New items are continually being added to our list of products for sale to the public.

Regenerative farming is practiced on the farm. Our team takes great pride in growing, harvesting and raising the highest quality food possible to contribute to our local food supply as well as to feed the Woodwynn community. The primary goal of prodgroente-mandjeucing food is feeding our Woodwynn community with fresh, nourishing meals. The remaining (and abundant) product is sold to the greater community via the farm market.

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Winter Season – Available Farm Products

Fresh Produce:

Organic produce is grown in Woodwynn Farms’ two on-site greenhouses during the winter season. On most days, you’ll find the below selection of freshly harvested produce available for sale in the farm market. Don’t hesitate to call ahead to find out what’s available on a certain day.zvqAq

  • Kale
  • Rutabaga
  • Turnip
  • Lettuce
  • Cabbage
  • Radish
  • Herbs – cilantro, parsley, bay leaves, sage, thyme
  • Garlic – Elephant, Kostny’s red Russian, Deep Purple, Elephant



Frozen Farm-Grown Fruit:

  • Plums – pitted, halved    $10 per bag
  • Blackberries      $10 per bag

Organic, pesticide-free

*Available while quantities last from 2016 season


Pasture-raised GMO-free Chicken and Pork:

On most days, you’ll find the farm market freezer full of delicious farm-raised whole chicken and pork products ready for your favourite recipe or meal. Woodwynn’s meat is processed and packaged by Carnivore Meats & More in Brentwood Bay Village.

  • Whole chickens – frozen, sold by the pound
  • Heritage Breed Pork – 6 flavour varieties, prepackaged, frozen
  • indexGround pork, prepackaged, frozen

Why Heritage Breed pork? You’ll find that heritage Breed pork tastes better than conventional pork. Plus, by only raising this variety, Woodwynn Farms and its customers are helping conserve this rare pork and keeping the breed in existence.


Value-added Farm Products:

Woodwynn Farms strives to make available an assortment of value-added farm products for our customers. We use the highest quality of ingredients grown on the farm and have a limited seasonal production.  All products are available while quantities.

  • Culinary Herbs – dried organic, farm-grown. Parsley, bay leaves, oregano. Sold by the jar
  • Organic Herbal Tea – made from farm-grown herbs – 6 varieties. Sold by the jar
  • Infused Vinegars – infused with organic farm-grown herbs in a variety of flavours
  • Bath Salt Blends –  infused with organic farm-grown herbs in a variety of scents
  • Sauerkraut – Sold by the jar