Farm Market


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Woodwynn Farms operates a year-round indoor farm market as of Fall 2016. Situated in the farm’s original 1940’s dairy barn, the barn’s interior has been beautifully restored while maintaining much of its original character and features. The majority of the interior work has been meticulously completed by Woodwynn Homefulness Program participants. It’s worth the drive from Victoria just to come take a look at this wonderfully restored piece of Saanich Peninsula’s farming history.

All produce sold in the market is grown on site, is non-certified organic, and are almost entirely heirloom varieties.

Regenerative farming is practiced on the farm. Our team takes great pride in growing, harvesting and raising the highest quality food possible to contribute to our local food supply as well as to feed the Woodwynn community. The primary goal of prodgroente-mandjeucing food is feeding our Woodwynn community with fresh, nourishing meals. Our beautiful and sometimes quirky abundance is sold to the greater community through the farm market.

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Spring Season

Fresh Produce:

Organic produce is grown in Woodwynn Farms’ two on-site greenhouses during the winter season. On most days, you’ll find the below selection of freshly harvested produce available for sale in the farm market. Don’t hesitate to call ahead to find out what’s available on a certain day.zvqAq

  • Gourmet salad mix
  • Gourmet herb salad mix
  • Garlic scapes
  • Snap peas
  • Sugar peas
  • Heirloom lettuce heads- butter, romaine, leaf
  • Rhubarb
  • Herbs – thyme, sage, mint, fresh bay leaf

Pastured Eggs:

Our pastured hens live in a mobile coop with a large fenced area which is moved twice a week, providing them with a constant supply of fresh grass and bugs. It is equipped with perches and nest boxes and they are given a constant supply of non-GMO feed, clean water and kelp to supplement their diet. We do not medicate or use antibiotics. We raise a heritage breed called Plymouth Barred Rock, which lay beautiful brown, sometimes speckled eggs.


 Pasture-raised GMO-free Chicken, Pork and Beef:

Our market freezer is full of delicious farm-raised whole chicken a variety of pork products and grass fed pasture raised beef. Come taste the difference you’ll never go back to commercial meats again!

      • Whole Pastured Chickens – frozen, sold by the pound
        • Two words: PASTURE RAISED.  Our chickens are moved every day to new grass.  Each day they get a new smorgasbord of fresh grass and bugs without the mess of yesterday’s manure. In addition, our pastured chickens are fed non-GMO grains and get fresh water from our wells.
        • Our chickens are happy and health, with no need for medication, no steroids and no antibiotics.
        • Every day they fertilize our hay fields and every day we think them by moving them to a new spot.  Talk about tasty, nutritional chicken!
      • Heritage Pastured Raised Pork – Various cuts, hams, and sausages
        • WE LOVE OUR PIGS! Our pork is raised in as natural a way as possible to allow them to express their “pigness-of-the-pig.
        • Our pigs are not medicated, meaning our pork is antibiotic and steroid free.  What nutrition they don’t get from pastures, roots and organic chicken scraps, they get from Non-GMO grains.
        • Our pigs are kept on pasture and moved about every 7 days to allow them to graze and root to their heart’s content without decimating our fields, garden spaces and orchards.  Their manure enriches our soil without causing a smelly hazard zone from being kept in one place too long.
        • Our pigs are either purebred or mixed heritage breeds which allows them to excel at being outdoors year-round and gives you tastier, healthier pork.
        • All of this means that you the customer are getting exceptional quality, tasty and nutrition from our pork products!
      • Grass fed Pastured Beef– various cuts






Value-added Farm Products:

Woodwynn Farms strives to make available an assortment of value-added farm products for our customers. We use the highest quality of ingredients grown on the farm and have a limited seasonal production.  All products are available while quantities.

      • Culinary Herbs – dried organic, farm-grown. Parsley, bay leaves, oregano. Sold by the jar
      • Organic Herbal Tea – made from farm-grown herbs – 6 varieties. Sold by the jar
      • Sauerkraut & Kimchi – Sold by the jar
      • Pear butter and apple butter – Sold by the jar
      • Blackberry jam & jelly, prune plum jam – Sold by the jar
      • Kale pesto – Sold by the jar
      • Frozen pies made on the farm
      • Bath Salt Blends –  infused with organic farm-grown herbs in a variety of scents
      • Soaps – regular and felted, made with lavender grown in our Peace Garden


Pot Luck Ceramics:

Woodwynn Farms is proud to have an partnership with Pot Luck Ceramics – an amazing volunteer-run entity of the Port Alberni Fundraising Cooperative.  100% of net proceeds from pottery sales support two non-profit organizations, one being Woodwynn Farms and the other supporting a Hospice House in Port Alberni.

We offer a stunning array of handmade terracotta cookware and dinnerware imported from Spain and Portugal.  These pieces are not only beautiful, they’re incredibly functional.  From cooking, to serving, or simply creating an attractive display, these terracotta pieces are a great gift idea.