Declare emergency now on opioid crisis – Ottawa told

February 1, 2017
I want to draw your attention to this article, which appeared yesterday in the Vancouver Sun: Declare emergency now on opioid crisis  Check it out.
We couldn’t agree more and we feel strongly that more and better treatment programs for addictions should be key additions to services in order to help people beat their addictions and no longer be burdens to themselves, their families and the social services industry.
Treatment is not only most humane, it’s cost effective.
All levels of government need to take action.
All levels of government need to hear from you.
Although the article is primarily focused on our federal government, we urge you to not only contact your local MPs, but also your local MLAs, Mayors and Councillors.
We at Woodwynn Farms are busting our tails to help people and are doing what we can to try and expand our capacity to help more thru our therapeutic community farm.
Please don’t hold back, let them know your thoughts!
Here are some helpful links:
The issues are urgent and the stakes are high.

Thank you for your support.


Richard Leblanc
Founder & Executive Director
Creating Homefulness Society

“Believe in People…
…until they Believe in Themselves”

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