Dear Mayor – People are dying

January 20, 2017

To: Mayor and Council – District of Central Saanich

People are dying.
Families are grieving.
First responders are exhausted.

The BC Coroners Service just announced there were 142 overdose deaths recorded last month.
The year-end total of 914 deaths for 2016 was also disclosed. That’s 80 per cent higher than the previous year.

And on Wednesday, the Province announced it would be providing a $16 million increase in addiction treatment in B.C., for treatment beds and community care.

Meanwhile, our Woodwynn Farms treatment program sits highly under-utilized.

As you know, we recently submitted a permit application to establish and expand our program, to your offices. And that our proposal essentially brings a world-class solution to this problem, to our community.

The issues are urgent and the stakes are high.

We request that you take measures to significantly accelerate processing our application and urge you to be bold and decisive and accept our invitations to work together to fully realize the potential of our Woodwynn program and build a highly valued community asset.

Most sincerely,

Richard Leblanc
Founder & Executive Director
Creating Homefulness Society

“Believe in People…
…until they Believe in Themselves”

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