Dear Mayor – People are dying 3

February 2, 2017
To: Mayor Ryan Windsor, Councillors Christopher Graham, Alicia Holman, Carl Jensen, Zeb King, Niall Paltiel, and Bob Thompson – District of Central Saanich
More people are dying.
Families are grieving, shocked, disappointed and angry.
First responders are exhausted and feeling helpless.

A mother just wrote to me:

“I NEED YOUR HELP.  I am a mother living in the Peninsula desperate to find help for my son. He is 23 years old… My heart is heavy & it breaks a little more with each death of our youth from these drugs.
Is there room for him in your program? He is a good person who is lost right now but I know with some help he will be the man he is capable of being…he REALLY WANTS TO GET HELP!!!
And the Times-Colonist has been reporting the following:

We need to be helping more people soonest.

Our Woodwynn Farms treatment program sits highly under-utilized, and the public know it.

The issues are getting progressively more urgent and the stakes are getting higher.

We request that you take measures to significantly accelerate processing our application and urge you to be bold and decisive and accept our invitations to work together to fully realize the potential of our Woodwynn program and build a highly valued community asset.

Most sincerely,

Richard Leblanc
Founder & Executive Director
Creating Homefulness Society

“Believe in People…
…until they Believe in Themselves”

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