Daphne Kessel

We would love to share with you some of our cherished letters from friends, family, and community members:

“Many of us in health care have anguished over the increase of addictions and the related problems of homelessness in our city. Particularly distressing are the numbers of youth and young adults who seem trapped in the ever-tightening grasp of meaninglessness, poverty and despair. Is it any wonder so many turn to crack, cocaine, crystal meth., heroin or alcohol? For so long there hasn’t been any real solutions that have long-term results. Harm reduction efforts are the best we could offer.

Woodwynn Farm Therapeutic Community offers hope for addictions recovery. This holistic approach integrates purpose, learning of life-skills, vocational training and addictions counselling together in a healing environment away from the triggers of addictions.

This is not the latest passing fad in the mental health industry. Therapeutic community is completely evidence-based with success rates of 75% in Italy and many other European countries. Compare this with the 10-15% success rates of our current North American treatment centers.

Victoria, sit up and take note! Something wonderful is about to happen in your midst!”

~Daphne Kessel, R.N.

“Fantastic! Your efforts and determination, even in the face of daunting opposition are an inspiration. This is a testiment to what can be accomplished when with calm, passionate zeal we fight for a righteous cause, knowing in the core of our being that giving up or failure is not an option. May the hope & joy in the lives of those you serve be your most cherished reward. Continue to enjoy the journey Rich.”


“CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! This is great news; a big thanks to those who stepped up. Again, I would like to be involved with this project, let me know where I can help.”

~Dale Carter
Breadstuffs Bakery
1191 Verdier Ave.
Brentwood Bay B.C.

“Richard – Congratulations on your considerable achievments to date. But I suspect the road will continue to be an uphill haul (what the foresters call “adverse terrain”) for some time. As we discussed last fall, I’d like to help with the load. Let me know what I can do. My Irish Grandmother would link the timing of the announcement to Irish Luck.”

Good on ya.

~Tom Wood

“Wow what good news, you deserve a metal. Hope I can be on the team to get it going. What ever keep me posted. How blessed we are to have people like you with such Intention and devotion.”

Love and Blessings,

“Richard congratulations! I was so pleased to hear of your success yesterday. Sounds like lots of (continued) work from here to June 1st, but thinking back to the YEP days, hard work is a part of the progress.”

~Shannon Renault
Manager Policy Development and Communications
“The Voice of Business”
Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of the Year 2006

“congratulations. at our meeting of the committee to end homelessness
we stood up and cheered. well done.”

~Alison Acker

“Oh Richard! What a delight to hear the news this morning. You must be thrilled and absolutely exhausted. Thank you so much for your tenacity. I’m so thrilled that things came together for you. Some good news at last! Keep up the good work.”


“I was just watching the news. OMG! You did it. Congratulations to you and your team. You were so hard to achieve this. I am happy for you and for the folks who will be helped by this. You rock Richard.”

~Maria St.Amand

Hi Richard

“I was happily shocked to hear the good news while watching CHEK6 news tonight – I am looking forward to helping you and your group out any way I can.”

All the best,
~Barb Johnstone Grimmer

Congratulations Richard,

“That took a lot of hard work. I’m glad to hear Rob Reid is board chairman. I pitched in and helped him when he was running for mayor. Let me know when you think we’re ready for full fledged treatment centers? I’m having trouble even getting council to say the word “treatment”… all that comes out of their mouths is “needle exchange” and you and I know there’s a big difference in these two words. Once again you have my full support, I hope it will get easier from this point on. I might be able to help you with some tutoring for those who are interested in learning the trades. Basic trades math, spelling, reading etc.”

~Ray Howard

Hi Richard,

“A pat on the back to you! You fought a good fight and won. Good for you! Remember I’m keen to help this great cause and at a time when we need it so much. Let me know how I can help.”


(Photographer, art cards to help homeless)

“Very exciting news! You should celebrate accordingly.

Great work, I am inspired.”

~Jill Clements
Executive Director
Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

Hello Richard,

“Congratulations! I just saw on the news that your society got the Woodwyn Farm. I look forward to its transformation and the positive aspects that it will bring to some of the homeless people’s lives. I live close to the area and am more than willing to volunteer if you need volunteers with the cleanup and getting it ready for the program

to begin.”

~Judy Beinder

“Hey Richard….way to go! I am so excited to hear that you and your group have been able to pull things together (after a tremendous amount of hard work) to purchase Woodwyn Farms. I hope you are celebrating tonight!!

I am looking forward to hearing more as your plans progress and the dream becomes a reality.”

~Karyn French,
Executive Director
Pacifica Housing Advisory Association


“Great news! We are so happy that you have acquired the farm for your project.”

~Melanie and Kerry Kirkopatrick
Brentwood Bay, BC

“To you and the volunteers who made this big dream a reality my congratulations. I didn’t know Rob was involved until seeing the front page story today so please pass on my congratulations to him as well. We are residents of Central Saanich, and if you ever need support from a resident I will be pleased to add my voice.”

~Peter Baillie
Vice President Advertising Sales & Marketing
Times Colonist

Hey, I saw this today:




“We were speaking of this at Queenswood during lunch today – lots of smiles at the good news. It’s exactly like Sue Stroud said (and Ghandi said it too), “Be the change we want to see” in the world. This project is showing leadership that I think people in other communities will learn from and follow.”

~Barb Northwood

“…Most Central Saanichers are on board already and can’t wait to teach, to help, to volunteer and to be the change we want to see!…

This makes me want to sing!”

~Sue Stroud

“This is very cool. . . Nice to see positive steps forward like this!-)”

~Brian Graham

“It is wonderful to see a good guy win — for a change.”

~Lynn Hunter

“Glad it worked out for the Society. Congrats!!!”

~David Sinclair

“I am so excited I could fairly burst!”

~Tina Marie Barnes

“Yahoo! Isn’t that great! What’s next?”

~Linda Schaumleffel

“Thank goodness Woodwynn happened, I think people will be amazed at the results.”

~John Pollard

“I just heard about this project – what a truly excellent idea. Good on you guys!”

~Jane Dyson