Volunteers are the lifeblood of Woodwynn Farms and one of our greatest assets.

Individuals, groups as small as two, as large as 200 and anywhere in between have joined us and continuplaceholder-image_05e to join us for a variety of farm-related projects and on-site events.

Volunteering occurs year-round at Woodwynn Farms as there is no downtime on our 93-acre farm. Our focus changes throughout the seasons as the farm’s needs change. Our land, gardens, greenhouses and livestock require daily attention and maintenance. The need for extra help remains year-round.

A variety of events and fundraisers occur on the farm throughout the year with volunteers being a vital component.

Who Volunteers at Woodwynn Farms?

Individuals regularly volunteer at Woodwynn Farms in a range of capacities and duration. Individuals can volunteer for a few hours, a day or two, for a specific project or for a much longer duration. We’re very flexible based on your time and availability and our needs.

Groups regularly volunteer at Woodwynn Farms for a specific project, event or activity. Many local groups volunteer annually as part of their commitment to give back to the greater community.

Types of Volunteers:DSC00396

  • Individuals and families
  • Wwoofers, Work Aways and travellers
  • Corporations and local businesses
  • Church and faith groups
  • Non-profit groups and associations
  • Service clubs and organizations
  • Secondary and post-secondary school groups and associations
  • Musicians, chefs, artists, landscapers and other service providers
  • Anyone with a desire to lend a hand and get involved

For a partial list of many past Woodwynn Farms group volunteers click here

Steps to Volunteer:

A completed Volunteer Application is mandatory for all individuals interested in volunteering.

Please contact our office by telephone or email to obtain an application. Once we determine that a good fit exists with the unique needs of the farm and your interests, our team will work together with you to set-up a mutual date, time and farm project.

For contact information click here

Share with Us:

  • You or your group’s name
  • Any farm-related experience
  • How many people are in your group (approximately)
  • Time of year/season you or your group is available to volunteer
  • Any specific area of interest you may have
  • Why you or your group would like to volunteer at Woodwynn Farms