Farm Planning Team

Farm Planning & Development Group

This team focuses on restoring the vitality of the farm land and creating and maintaining sustainable farming operations.

We continue to grow hay at Woodwynn, and expect to pull over 12,000 bales for our customers.

In the next year, we continue to prepare the soil and property for mixed vegetable crops, and fruit tree operations.

A deer fence has been constructed and an irrigation system is being installed.

A five acre Sunflower Project will be a focus for the first 6 months and when deemed necessary, a farm manager will be hired to oversee the organics program as well as other operations.

The vitality of our farm and adjoining properties will be further enhanced by our beekeeping operation.

Nancy Brown- Horticulturist, Project Coordinator
Daria Zovi – Organic Certification
Mary-Alice Johnson – Organics
Moss Giasson

Photos coming:
Gordon Brock – Irrigation/Horticulture
Ken Josephson – Cartographer