A Day in the Life at Woodwynn Farms

Daily routines outlined below are structured and are followed by each Homefulness Program participant as well as most staff and long-term volunteers.

Meals are set at the same time throughout the week and are shared in a group setting in the white house. (The white house is the original family home from the 1940’s.)

Daily Routine:busy-image
5:45 AM  Yoga

7:30 AM  Breakfast

8:30 AM  Morning meeting

9:30 AM  Farm community work

12:30 PM  Lunch

1:15 PM  Farm community work

4:30 PM Tools down

5:30 PM Dinner


Participants have evenings to themselves. Common activities include watching television in the white house common room, reading or taking  a walk in the surrounding nature and peace that encompasses Woodwynn Farms. After a busy day of work, evenings are often a time to connect with the each other in a more relaxed environment.

Participants are not permitted off the property without supervision.

For six days a week, each day is full, productive, physical and with minimal stimulants.  A result, participants are generally in bed by 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm, getting the rest needed for the following day’s activities. There is never a shortage of work on the farm.




On Saturday, the day begins with yoga followed with the regular morning meeting. Breakfast is a bit little later on the weekends. This provides participants with a change in routine and also helps with coordinating the frequent volunteer work parties that regularly occur on Saturdays.

On Sunday, the participants spend the day cleaning the white house and their personal spaces as well as doing their personal laundry. Sunday offers a break from yoga, the morning meeting and most farm work.  Sundays also include visitations or phone calls with family.


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